Tennis Elbow Treatment

Chiropractic care is effective in treating tennis elbow and elbow pain.

The condition is sometimes related to activity, and more often related to how we use and hold our cell phones, and smart devices, as well as positioning of workstations. Chiropractic care is effective in treating for elbow pain, in part because we can evaluate and treat the elbow itself (that’s right, your elbow can get a chiropractic adjustment!), and it is also important to have an evaluation of your spine, every single nerve in your body goes through the spine before going to different body parts. The elbow, for example, has nerves that travel through the neck and then down into the arm, wrist and hands. Our doctors will plan to evaluate your condition and let you know how we can help you in the office as well as any additional things you will need to do at home to improve your condition.

Health Tip

Did you know posture can impact how your arms function? Consider your posture when you are using your smartphone. Do you hold the phone in your lap? Do you bend your neck forward to look at the screen? This adds over 50 pounds of pressure to the nerves in your neck, consider holding your phone in front of your face, maintaining good posture while you use it!

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