Sciatica or Pain Down the Leg

People experiencing pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs could be suffering from sciatica.

The condition can start all of a sudden, and the condition could be something that results from a previous issue getting gradually worse over time. Sciatica happens most frequently as a result of nerve pressure.

We treat patients daily who have this health concern. We analyze the spine and body to see if there is pressure on the nervous system from a misalignment in the spine. Our doctors and staff understand how severely this condition can affect your daily life, and we are well equipped to get you back on your feet.

Health Tip

Did you know that for some people the sciatic nerve can run ‘through’ a muscle instead of laying between muscles? This unique condition results in someone having ‘bursts’ of sciatic pain that come and go based upon activity. For these individuals it is important to have a healthy stretching routine, and to be sure and keep your spine free of nervous system pressure from misalignment so that the muscles are not over-activated.

We are well equipped to get you back on your feet.

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