Dr. Amanda Owens, DC

“My passion is to see people achieve a greater quality of life through chiropractic care”

Dr. Amanda Owens, DC

In 2006, Dr. Amanda Owens, DC, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and opened her practice, Tiger Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, in Columbia.

As a new graduate, there were many hurdles to overcome in order to create a traditional practice, locations and funding were scarce during those times, so rather than wait until everything was “perfect,” Dr. Amanda got to work right away by creating a door-to-door practice where she would visit people at their homes.

“What an amazing way to begin my chiropractic career! We have been blessed with incredible patients throughout all our years of service, but there is something special about someone welcoming you to their home and allowing you to restore their health with chiropractic care. The warm welcome I received from my patients in that time is one of the reasons we dedicate such effort to making our patients feel at home in our office. We are deeply committed to making your time at Tiger Family Chiropractic purposeful, focused, and comfortable.”

Dr. Amanda graduated with honors from Palmer College, and during her time there, she also studied nutrition and pediatric and prenatal care. She even earned the Webster Certification for expecting mommas. Previous to attending Palmer College, she graduated with honors from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

She has been the recipient of Columbia Business Times magazine’s 20 Under 40 award. Tiger Family Chiropractic has received the Best of Columbia award numerous times and has been honored in a number of local, community-driven awards.

“I absolutely love chiropractic care. If you want someone passionate about the health of your spine, your nervous system, your brain, and your body, then I am your chiropractor! I love serving people who have the feeling that they have lost touch with their health, people who know that there is something more to the life experience but feel it’s just out of touch. The person who has found a way to push through and accomplish everything on ‘their list’, but at the end of the day feel there is nothing left for themselves or anyone else, once all those tasks are done. If that is you, I hear you. I understand you, and I am thrilled to start a journey of better health with you that will result in having ‘more’ at the end of each day.”

Dr. Amanda is married to Matthew Owens and loves that her two children, Madalynn and Ryan, have grown up as a part of this community. In her time away from the office, she says, “we are boring! We love to be at home and just hang out with one another. We are huge Cardinal baseball fans. We like to watch shows, read books, cook homemade meals, and relax. I am a total fan of napping, when life permits. I am so very grateful for the life I have, the family I have, and the staff I have. It’s a really beautiful life, and I want to be sure to pause and give thanks for it often. I think if I was to sum up our family values, they would include: have gratitude, do good, appreciate one another, and find simple things to bring you joy.”

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