Pain Relief

Chiropractic care has been well known for its effectiveness in reducing pain.

Studies indicate that chiropractic care is an ideal choice in treating conditions that are acute (new injuries or illnesses in your body) and chronic (those issues that have been in your body for a long time). The alternatives for pain relief often include medications with dangerous side effects, the great news is that chiropractic care works naturally with your body’s own ability to heal! Studies also indicated that choosing chiropractic care as your first choice for treatment, drastically reduced the cost to fix the condition. Patients in our office have many choices when it comes to treatment styles, even individuals with severe pain have found our treatment to be comfortable. Once you have had an examination with our doctors, and a clear report of how we can help you, the doctor will share the treatment style options with you, so that you choose the method you are most comfortable receiving.

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Health Tip

Did you know that too much heat in an area can mimic inflammation in your body? When people have aches and pains, they often reach for the heating pad, this can bring more blood circulating in the area, which in turn can add additional pressure to an already compromised nerve. Our doctors will be happy to discuss with you the most appropriate times to use heat.

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