Headaches are one of the top three reasons that patients seek chiropractic care.

Did you know that headaches are one of the top three reasons that patients seek chiropractic care?   The types of headaches that patients report getting relief from include migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, allergy headaches and more. As an office that frequently treats people with headaches, we understand how limiting this condition can be, and how significantly it can impact your overall health. As a new patient, the chiropractors in our office will sit down with you to discuss how the headaches are impacting your life. Your doctor of chiropractic will also complete a series of examinations to help determine the cause of your headaches, and may recommend x-rays following that examination. In your follow-up visit, you will receive the results of your examination and your specific care plan explaining how chiropractic care can impact the headaches you are experiencing. Chiropractic care is a great natural alternative which has been shown to be very cost-effective.

Personal Story from Dr. Amanda Owens, D.C.

“I had headaches my whole life! I can remember as a small child my parents trying home remedies such as chewing on local beeswax or taking allergy medicine, they were dedicated to helping me get relief. By the time I was a junior in high school, I began having headaches every day, they were constant and unrelenting. I could barely make it through class. I would come home and go to bed until dinner, and then go right back to bed. It was exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and I was beginning to feel hopeless about my chances of ever having relief. A friend of our family one day suggested that my parents take me to a chiropractor. I am so grateful they did! My chiropractor did a great job of explaining how misalignments in my neck were affecting my head. I received chiropractic care as he instructed, and I went from having headaches every single day, to maybe once per month. I was free from a pain and discomfort that I had almost allowed myself to believe would be there forever. So if your life is also being affected by headaches, please, give chiropractic care a chance. Our chiropractic team is standing by, ready to do what it takes to establish better health in your life too!”

– Dr. Amanda Owens DC, Owner

Blue Cross Blue Shield did a study in 2010 reporting that the episodes of care initiated with chiropractic were 20% less expensive than episodes that initiated with a medical physician.
— Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

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