Dr. Collin Zeugin, DC

Dr. Collin Zeugin, DC

Dr. Collin grew up in Ashland, MO. He attended Southern Boone all through school and has a strong connection to the Mid-Missouri community. Growing up, he was involved in tons of sports and did a lot of weightlifting, which led him to discovering chiropractic as a teenager. Unfortunately, Dr. Collin suffered a debilitating rib injury doing some heavy leg presses when his form slipped. This led to a sharp, horrible pain and shortness of breath. “It was scary. Not knowing what was going on, I had chest pain, I couldn’t breathe, and nobody had any good answers for me. Honestly, I was a skeptic, didn’t think chiropractic would work for me. That was the beautiful part that started me down this path as a career. I didn’t have to believe in it, it just works, and it did. I was back out in full activity within a week or two of regular adjustments.”

Dr. Collin went on to do his undergraduate at William Woods University, where he was a student while being on the track and field team. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science in exercise science, and set out to become a strength and conditioning coach. After a year of working in the field, it felt like something was missing. He knew he was meant to help people, but this wasn’t it. So, after some careful consideration, he decided to go to Logan University to further his education and to bring back a set of skills to make a real difference.

After finishing up at Logan University, Dr. Collin started working with different clinics honing his skills and serving his community. Now he has come back to Columbia to serve the people that did so much to serve him growing up. He’s got a lot to share with us and wants to see his people happy and healthy, living life, and enjoying it to the fullest.

He is currently living here in Columbia and is engaged to his college sweetheart. They have been together for over 6 years now. You might catch them on the trails hiking, at local events, or even at the farmers market. They love the local foods and cooking farm-fresh produce is always a win!

Dr. Collin is proficient at manual adjusting, as well as drop-table techniques, and instrument adjusting techniques. He also has some specific training in cranial adjusting, sports and rehab, and in ergonomics.

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