About Tiger Family Chiropractic

Who We Are

Our office is comprised of highly trained, heartful, individuals that are committed to making a significant improvement in the quality of your life with chiropractic care. Our story begins with the dedication of owner, Dr. Amanda Owens DC. Upon graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, there were a series of roadblocks to opening a traditional chiropractic office, the result could have been months to years of waiting before opening an office and serving the community. Instead, Dr. Amanda decided to form Tiger Family Chiropractic and to immediately begin serving patients in their homes. In 2007 the dream of opening an office with all the advanced technologies and accommodations our patients enjoy today became a reality, and we have been enthusiastically serving our community ever since!

Employee Spotlight


I found relief from limbs “falling asleep,” sciatica pain, headaches, migraines, major heartburn, pain in the neck, back with chiropractic…it changed my life. The miracles of chiropractic care and our bodies being able to heal and function properly when we are properly aligned: it’s the best. Working as a Chiropractic Assistant, I am doing something that I believe in, that I am passionate about, and I get to share that with our patients. My career at Tiger Family Chiropractic is a joy. 

Some things I love about COMO: I met my wife here in 2018; we married in 2020 at Shelter Gardens. The nest we built together includes 2 Shih-poo dogs and a Persian cat. I like the amenities of our town without the traffic in the St Louis region. I enjoy cooking, landscaping, the short drive to the big cities, and the awesome people here that I get the pleasure to engage with daily.

What is my favorite season? Since we do not enjoy San Diego weather often here, let’s just say I like my food well-seasoned, and I like to make the best of whatever season I am in. A few days on a beach, the mountains, floating in a canoe, taking a sauna, a great massage: that will be my favorite season. I love traveling, adventures, and great restaurant dining. My kids say, “dad prefers an experience, making a memory over gifts.” They’re not wrong!


Originally from the St. Louis area, I have called Mid-Mo home for my entire adult life where I have raised my four kids, who still manage to keep me on my toes. My favorite time of the year is “hoodie season”…FALL!!!, We fill our weekends with camping, bonfires, trout fishing and celebrating family birthdays. My favorite thing about working at TFC is the atmosphere and genuine care given to each patient. I was introduced to chiropractic in the late 80s and have been to a few different chiropractic offices over the years but never experienced what this office offers. Excellent care, compassion and integrity are what this place is about. I work with some of the best doctors and staff around! I’m very proud to call TFC home.

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