New Patients

What To Expect

What can you expect on your first visit to our office? During your first visit to our office, you can expect to have a brief orientation familiarizing you with our beautiful new office space. The chiropractor will speak with you about what is going on in your body. The chiropractor will also complete a thorough examination, and once it is finished they will discuss with you whether or not an x-ray will be necessary for your care. Once the doctor of chiropractic has gathered all the information they need to create a care plan, you will have completed your first visit.

Your second visit to our office will include a very detailed description of what is going on with your body, and the plan for how to correct the problem. The staff will communicate with you any expectations we have regarding scheduling and finances, then if you are ready, you will receive your first adjustment in our office.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the process of becoming a new patient in our office, please feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to discuss them with you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What To Expect For Kids

The comfort of your little one is very important to us. Depending on their unique health needs, we may decide to complete the new patient exam for your child in the toy room while they play. Other children have a great experience receiving their exam in a traditional treatment room. X-rays are less commonly needed for children, but if the chiropractor determines they are necessary for care, we will discuss the reasons with you, and keep you engaged in the process of taking the films as well.  Once the doctor of chiropractic has gathered all the information they need to create a care plan, your child will have completed their first visit.
The follow up visit to discuss results will be scheduled before you leave the office. The report of findings is necessary so that we have the opportunity to communicate expectations and plans for improving your child’s health as well as reviwing scheduling and finances.

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