Inclement Weather Policy

On the occasion that we must close early, open late, or close entirely for dangerous weather, the following will occur:

  • We will text affected scheduled patients, if there is a change to our schedule because of weather
  • We cannot access our voicemail remotely, and so all weather related schedule changes will be posted to our facebook page
  • If you receive an appointment reminder, and a text about a closure, the text regarding the closure supersedes the appointment reminder.
  • It is possible that you may be moved to a different provider/doctor in our office if weather prevents a doctor from being able to come in to provide care on the date you were scheduled for your appointment
  • If there is poor weather, and you did not receive an alert saying we are closed, you can expect that we will be open for regularly scheduled business hours
  • Patients who had a scheduled appointment on a day that the office closes early, opens late, or closes entirely will be contacted individually with a notification to where their appointment will be rescheduled
  • If the office remains open, and you are unable to make your scheduled visit due to dangerous conditions, contact our office as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment in order to remain on track for the care your body needs.
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