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Our office is comprised of highly trained, heartful, individuals that are committed to making a significant improvement in the quality of your life with chiropractic care. Our story begins with the dedication of owner, Dr. Amanda Owens DC. Upon graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, there were a series of roadblocks to opening a traditional chiropractic office, the result could have been months to years of waiting before opening an office and serving the community. Instead, Dr. Amanda decided to form Tiger Family Chiropractic and to immediately begin serving patients in their homes. In 2007 the dream of opening an office with all the advanced technologies and accommodations our patients enjoy today became a reality, and we have been enthusiastically serving our community ever since!

Tiger Family Chiropractic Staff

Employees Spotlight



What do you like most about working at Tiger Family Chiropractic?
I enjoy getting to know our patients and working with a small team. We are all family here. 🙂

What surprised you the most about chiropractic care?
I was surprised to learn about all the benefits with your overall health and wellness, not just aches and pains.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Columbia?
Panera is my favorite lunchtime go-to!

What is something you love to do on the weekends?
I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my children in their various sports activities.

What is your favorite season in Missouri and why?
Fall is my absolute favorite! I love the colors and the cooler weather.



Originally from the St. Louis area, I have called Mid-Mo home for my entire adult life where I have raised my four kids, who still manage to keep me on my toes. My favorite time of the year is “hoodie season”…FALL!!!, We fill our weekends with camping, bonfires, trout fishing and celebrating family birthdays. My favorite thing about working at TFC is the atmosphere and genuine care given to each patient. I was introduced to chiropractic in the late 80s and have been to a few different chiropractic offices over the years but never experienced what this office offers. I work with some great people and patients!



“As long as I can remember my mother saw a chiropractor in St Charles. When I began experiencing limbs “falling asleep,” sciatica pain, headaches, migraines, major heartburn, mom suggested going to see the chiropractor… I did and it changed my life! Later when I had children, my third kiddo was sick all the time. The PCP would always prescribe her meds. Then she turned 2 and got sick, again. We did not know she had asthma until she stopped breathing in the Pediatric office. We had figured she was just sick again, she’d be given Amoxicillin and be sent home. Nope, first they put her on a nebulizer and next she was sent to the hospital. We were told she would be on a nebulizer and inhaler, and have troubles for the rest of her life. Two weeks later she was released from the hospital and at the advice of my chiropractor, I took her with me to get adjusted from then on. Within a very short time all her symptoms disappeared. She has been asthma free, happy and healthy with a proper functioning body ever since. Now she works in health care in St Louis and continues wellness with chiropractic care.

The miracles of chiropractic care and our bodies being able to heal and function properly when we are properly aligned, DUDE! It’s the best thing ever.

I worked in the food, floral, HVAC, healthcare insurance industries and ballroom dance. I served in many business management positions over the years. Since moving to COMO a few years ago I have been a patient at Tiger Family Chiropractic. Several years ago as we each began chiropractic care, it changed the course of my mother’s life, my own and my kid’s life; I fell in love with it. At 54 years young, I was super excited when I learned about the opportunity to come work with Dr Amanda, Dr James and Dr Makayla and my Chiropractic Assistant team: Amber. Stepanie and Whitney. I’m doing something that I believe in, that I am passionate about, and I want to share that with our patients.

Some things I love about COMO: I met my beautiful wife here in 2018; we married in 2020 at Shelter Gardens. Dana and I have 2 Shih-poo dogs, Mocha & Rossi, and a Bengal Cat named Zimba. I like the amenities of our town without the crazy traffic in St Louis and St Charles!

Also the free coffee bar here at Tiger is a real thing! I indulge daily.”

What Our Clients Say

“Tiger Family Chiropractic is amazing! They always know me and my family and take great care of us! Can’t tell you how much they have improved my life.”

“Everyone is so welcoming! I have never had a friendlier chiropractor staff! They were so sweet to my daughter while I was getting treated, too! The whole staff goes above and beyond, and I can’t say enough good things. I was early and even had one of the other doctors personally introduce themselves to me.”

“Awesome interaction every single time. Fast and efficient and friendly faces.”

“My chronic back pain is a thing of the past. My overall health has improved. This is the place for the best care possible.”

“Everyone in the office welcomes me with open arms and it feels like a family, which is something I find to be amazing with facilities like this. The employees here care about their patient’s wellbeing and really want to take care of us. I definitely recommend this facility to anyone and everyone I know with chiropractic needs!”

How We Can Help

Our team is made up of individuals that want your life to be better – Chiropractic care is an amazing option for addressing many conditions including the desire to have improved vitality and optimal health.  In our office, your examination and treatment all occur with one of our highly trained doctors.  Below, you will find a link to services we have available and there is also a list of the many amenities our patients enjoy.

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