Hi, this is Dr. Amanda with Tiger Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Thank you for spending time with us today I did want to start with a reminder always that any information shared is never to replace a care provider’s recommendations, or to diagnosis or offer treatment. These are simply some words that I hope will improve your quality of life or allow you to implement something that will make life better for you.

I did want to share some information about specifically what makes our office different or what we are focusing on when we meet patients and when we find someone to join the patient practice and become a patient in our office. One thing that we really feel is important, is to sit down with an individual and have a conversation and learn about what they need, where their areas of health are to improve, what the goals are and to find out just what is important to them in a relationship when they look for a healthcare provider. So, that’s how we are going to start off with each of our new patient exams is to sit down and have a great discussion. We then feel the importance of an exam is imperative. We want to get great information by putting together the pieces of the puzzle from what you tell us, what we can see, and then by evaluating those two things we can determine whether or not we would need an x-ray of your spine. So we have what you tell us, what we can see, and what we can find with analysis through x-ray. Those things put together allow us to have the opportunity to create the best care plan for what will help you to achieve your health goals. So, in our examination we are very thorough, we do a full physical examination, neurological exam, orthopedic evaluation and chiropractic evaluation. We just want to get lots of details and for doctors, the more information we can gather in that time, the more pieces of the puzzle will fit in place and the better the overall experience will be.

So, after we do all of this information gathering, that’s everything we do with our patients that day. We then invite our patients to come back for a follow-up visit prior to starting treatment because for our side we need to analyze all the information collected to provide an appropriate care plan for you. That takes us quite a bit of time. We want to add all those pieces and elements together so that we can make the right decision and recommendations for what you need for your health. From the patient perspective at that time you have already been with us quite a while that day and you’re probably ready to get on with your day.

On your second visit to our office, we will sit down again and have a really important conversation about both what we found, how we can help, what our recommendations are for your care. Our staff will sit down with you as well and talk about any financial obligations there will be with care and they will answer your questions on scheduling concerns. We really try to ensure that the consent process for you to start care is respected and you have the opportunity to think about it. Then if you’re ready we go ahead and start you with treatment that day.

Keep in mind there are many forms and styles of chiropractic treatment. We love for patients to choose the right method that fits them. As we provide care we are going to ask for feedback on how comfortable you are with receiving care and we’ll make modifications based on how you are doing. Thank you for spending time with me today! We encourage you to ask questions or call with concerns. We appreciate your time! Thank you very much and take care!

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