Safely keep the bugs at bay without all the nasty toxins.

If you’re like us, you have a home with mosquitos that run rampant outside. Early morning, afternoon, evening: it doesn’t matter. They’re everywhere!

Well, we have some tips.

Remember, mosquitoes are not attracted to light. They’re actually attracted to carbon dioxide. What we breathe out is what they track. Unless you’re holding your breath, they’re tracking you down. With that in mind, how do you get rid of them without spraying toxic chemicals?

Create your own wind! Mosquitoes are very weak fliers. If you’ll notice, they’re gone on especially windy days. What we’ve done in the past is take a couple box fans, or any fan that can go outside, and create our own little wind tunnel.

But what if you’re out moving around?

Connect to your local, natural stores. Whether you live in Columbia or somewhere else, there are typically several in-store natural mosquito repellent options to choose from. Our favorite is the insect repellant from Young Living Essential Oils, which is completely natural and safe for your family.

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