The cost structure in our office is divided out by individual services.  It is our intention to make the financial process as easy as possible.

Our office provides the opportunity for you to receive an initial examination and consultation for very reasonable fees (most people who are self-pay, not using insurance, pay between $40-$80 for their first visit, patients using insurance, typically spend less).  Once our great doctors have obtained all the information from your first visit, getting the results is free.  

Individual care recommendations can vary greatly based on your condition and test results.  Some individuals choose to be self-pay, others prefer to use health insurance or a health savings account.  Patients who have health insurance should bring their card to their first visit in our office, our staff will plan to research your benefits for you so that we can share those details with you at your follow-up visit.

Your follow-up appointment is where we sit down and share your recommendations for care.  Our staff will provide a financial-obligation-projection sheet for you, which details our estimation of your cost for care.  

We believe an important part of true consent is understanding your condition from a medical and financial perspective, once you have been given these materials to make a great decision regarding your health.  Again, getting the results of your examination and care recommendations is a free service, if you accept your care plan and choose to begin treatment, you will have a fee for the treatment you receive.  Payment in our office is expected at the time of service.

Payment plans are available, we accept Care Credit, which offers interest-free financing for up to 18 months.  

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