Do you feel incredibly full after every meal? Food just sitting there, leaving you feeling bloated and without energy?

Consider adding in some B vitamins. Our body needs a ton of them in order to process the food we eat. When your body is trying to process macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins), you require a number of various elements to convert those macros to particles that the mitochondria can convert to energy. The most common denominator between all those elements? B vitamins.

Where do you get B vitamins?

One great way to boost your B vitamin levels is to find whole food vitamins or supplements. Grocery stores, natural stores, and even the Tiger Family Chiropractic office can provide these to you. When looking, try to find a B complex rather than individual B vitamins by themselves.

One other option is liver. It’s chock full of B vitamins. While tastes differ, try working it into your diet for a completely natural way to boost your system.There are also liver vitamins available, so even if you dislike the taste but still like the idea of something completely natural, this is one avenue available.

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