Dr. Amanda discusses the importance of drinking enough water in our daily lives and how doing so can make our backs better. She discusses two main concepts that apply to this. The first is: “In order for your body to get rid of inflammation, it has to have somewhere to go.” There are a lot of different chemicals in our bodies that can cause inflammation. Drinking water allows our bodies to flush out these chemicals, which leads to better health and less pain throughout the whole body. Pure water is the absolute best way to do this, and other things like Gatorade or energy drinks will be much less effective. The second concept she discusses is “the cushions or discs that are in between the bones in your back which are made up of mostly water.” This is important because our bodies are constantly putting pressure on these discs, and in order to keep them working correctly, they need nutrients. Our body uses the water we drink to refresh the discs in our back with the nutrients they need.

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