Your body naturally acts as its own defense system, working to remove any perceived threats. What may seem like an unhealthy reaction may be a totally normal response to the threat of infection or bacteria.


Coughing is a healthy process that actually expels unwanted bacteria or objects. Your lungs are lined with tiny hairs, which trap and move bacteria upward. The bacteria travels up from the lungs to the throat, triggering a cough, which allows the bacteria to exit your body (imagine an elevator).

The average cough lasts about 18 days. While a cough may be annoying, in certain cases, the use of cough suppressants may actually prolong the process of getting well. Suppressants coat the tiny hairs, making them unable to move bacteria up and out of the throat. However, coughs can be unhealthy when they are chronic, so when in doubt, it is always best to consult a physician.


It’s actually healthy to develop a fever. A fever occurs when your body raises its temperature to help kill off bacteria and viruses. When treating a general fever, consider that fever reducers may actually prolong sickness as they take your body temperature down, making it harder for your body to fight off the infection. It is important to note that a high frequency, or persistence of fevers, or fevers in infants can be dangerous and require medical treatment or assistance.


Yes! When you have ingested something your body shouldn’t be processing, vomiting is yet another way that your body expels unwanted materials. However, it can become unhealthy if dehydration occurs due to excessive vomiting.

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