Dr. James Zielinski, DC

Dr. James Zielinski graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007. “I began my pursuit of chiropractic while in the military, where I proudly served 15 years. A health concern led to me becoming a patient in the Department of Defense test trials of chiropractic care for military personnel. It had such a profound impact on my life and personal health that I decided to pursue it as a career. I dedicated myself to becoming a chiropractor so that I could introduce this wonderful philosophy and practice to others. I began my career by going to college while still in the army on active duty. I eventually left the army to pursue my graduate degree, which required a full-time commitment. I know many people still are unfamiliar with, or poorly informed about, chiropractic care, and that is part of what inspires me to be a chiropractor that people can trust to see their full potential for improvement. I really explain what is going on to the patient, and I make great effort to show them things that are specific to their health and may have been overlooked for years.”

Dr. Zielinski utilizes many differing manual techniques, including the Gonstead technique and Diversified. He is also Webster Certified.

Dr Zielinski believes in taking a whole person approach to health care as the body is a perfectly integrated system and is therefore more than just a collection of independent parts. He believes that optimal health is the state where all of the body is working as close as ideal for that individual as possible. Ideally, this looks like all systems in concert and not just the absence of pain or symptoms.

“Each of us should have the capacity to adapt to our environment; that is a process called homeostasis.  The more a person experiences trauma, stress, or toxins in their life, the harder it is for their body to be capable of balance and health. Chiropractic care focuses on analyzing and finding those areas of your spine that have been compromised by declining health and correcting those areas of concern.” 

Dr Zielinski is diligent about evaluating each patient and doing what is most appropriate to create the greatest gains and best health outcomes for that patient each time he sees them.

Previous to practicing in Columbia, Dr. Zielinski has had practices in Anchorage, Alaska; Ogden, Utah; and Neligh, Nebraska. “I felt at home right away practicing in Columbia, the people here are really focused on having better health, and that is a perfect match for me as a chiropractor.”

He also did clinic work in Manaus, Brazil in 2007 working with indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest and residents of Manaus as an extra addition to his clinical training. He is very experienced in providing chiropractic care and coordinating with other aspects and providers of health care. He is a published author and continues to pursue his development of the art of chiropractic at every opportunity.


What patients are saying about Dr. James

“A quick and simple check-in, complimentary massage table, tailored adjustment, and some herbal tea for the road. It’s a relaxing experience. I play rugby and Dr. James used to as well. He knows what to look for and offers insight towards what I’m looking to accomplish with my body.”

“Love Dr. James! I had a severe kink for 22 years and he fixed it. No one else could.”

“I always feel very welcomed and I love to chat with the staff. Dr. James never makes me feel like a number, and he is always careful to answer my questions. Love you guys!”

“This clinic is one of the best I have ever experienced. Professionalism and an upbeat attitude is what you will find at every step. Dr. James discovered a fractured vertebra that I have had for over 20 years. I have had many X-rays taken in the past, but the fracture wasn’t detected until I went to this clinic.”

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease” – B.J. Palmer

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