Midback Pain/Chest Pain/Shoulder Tension

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to greatly decrease the effects of stress on the body and the nervous system.

Do you carry your stress in your shoulders?  You are not alone there, most people do!  Misalignment in the back or spine can increase the effects of stress on your body, making tension more painful and frequent.  Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to greatly decrease the effects of stress on the body and the nervous system.  Our chiropractors are able to evaluate the entire spine to see if there are any misalignments having a negative impact on your nervous system. Chest pain can indicate an emergency situation, once you have had your chest discomfort evaluated by a medical doctor to rule out any emergency care needed, plan to visit the chiropractor.  We have helped many patients who suffer from chest pain, on occasions the chest pain is a result of misalignment in the midback which is adding pressure to the nerves that control the heart.  In other instances the midback is so tense and tight the whole body is feeling squeezed from the pressure, or a rib can misalign causing spams type sensations to occur. Shoulder pain is another reason people seek chiropractic care, posture can make a huge difference in the function of our shoulders, as well as in how the midback feels.  Great posture is not as simple as just deciding to sit up or stand up straight, most people don’t realize, but your body will automatically compensate your posture to hide pain.  So people (including children) who are frequently slouching often have a spinal misalignment contributing to the inability to engage in good posture naturally.

Health Tip

It is a great idea to get up periodically when doing work at the computer. I recommend to our patients to ‘stand up’ every 20 minutes. I don’t intend for people to take a break from work every 20 minutes, but instead to literally stand up and then sit back down every 20 minutes, this activity helps to keep your nervous system engaged, and helps to ‘reset’ your posture.

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